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Needle Play, and Bloodsports

While shopping at my local market the other day, I met one of my old play partners. A very beautiful red headed young woman. She saw me, and said hello nothing more, we exchanged a few kind words. She was very happy to see me, and I her.

My old play partner we’ll call her sandy is a very extreme and fun individual. She has a thing for needles, temporary play piercing. She’s also heavily into tattoos. I remember the times we spent together where I would load her up like a human pin cushion, and she’d fly sky high. I love to elicit an endorphin and pain response. The little whimpers are so adorable.

Seeing sandy made me think of how I love to make pretty patterns in skin. I love playing with needles, everything from a pattern by numbers to pretty free lance needle patterns. I love to see the little trickle of blood that starts welling when you stick a needle under the skin. There’s the initial little bit of pull back. the way they shirk away trying to avoid you.

I love to make them squirm and wiggle. I love the way that they turn into whimpering little pain sluts. I am going to make them hurt a little. I remember how her body would shake, and I could touch sandy’s pussy. with just a finger with needles in her breasts, and she’d simply cum.

I remember how kissing her tasted sweet and salty. The needles always made her sweat a little more. I found it intoxicating to have her there in front of me. I remember how I would cum almost every needle I stuck in her. I would clean her up after, and she’d thank me by licking my pussy for hours making me cream several times in a row.

Want to be my needle slut? I love CBT and everything else with it too. Call me 1-800-938-3482 Request Mistress Erotica $2.00 per minute 18+ VISA/AMEX/MC.

Foot Worship

You know there’s something to be said for foot fetishists. I love foot fetishists. I love having my feet pampered and massaged. The thought of having a nice pedicure form a willing foot fetishist, makes me very wonderfully stimulated. I love when my feet are pampered by a slave who has earned it. For me as your Mistress to indulge this fetish you must earn it. You need to show devotion to Mistress, and her feet.

I know how you want to massage my feet. You’d love to be running your fingers along them loosening up the muscles, and the bones. You want to touch my pretty feet, take that pumice stone, and smooth them down. Make my feet pretty, paint my toe nails.

I bet you want to sit there watching them dry. Look at the wet pretty polish as it drys, and becomes hard and glossy, from wet glossy to hard glossy. Poor poor foot slave, you probably want to touch my pretty feet gentle as you can. Sweet, gentle touches, that’s right you want to worship them.

When my toes are dry I know what you really want. You want me to tease you with my feet. You want the lovely feeling of those newly pretty pedicured feet walking all over you. I know what you like my little foot slave. Perhaps I shall make you a foot stool. I love my truly devoted human foot stools. Such a wonderful place for my feet, a warm little slave.

If you’ve been a VERY good little foot fetishist, I might actually let you have the ultimate reward. You might get to put your foot hungry little mouth on my toes. You have to be very good for that too happen. Your mouth on my feet is a huge reward. I know how much you love sucking toes. You want to wrap your tongue around my toes like they’re little cocks or clits. I know you little foot worshiping slave. I am getting inside your head.

I want to mind fuck you with your foot fetish. You can call me for foot worship any time at 1-800-938-3482 Request Mistress Erotica $2.00 per minute 18+ VISA/AMEX/MC

Interracial Cuckolding Big Black Cock

One of my biggest secrets when I am playing the role of cuckoldress is that I like to humiliate my tiny little dicked boys with a nice big black cock pounding my pussy. I love looking right in your eyes as that huge black mammoth pounds my pussy, and maybe my ass. Perhaps I’ll have two big black cocks at once. One filling my pussy and one in my ass, after all I’m the one in charge. You’ll have to sit in the corner in chastity wishing your dick was in me.

If you’re a really good boy I might assign you to clean up duty. Make me happy sit quietly in the corner and just watch like you’re supposed to. I can see it now, the dimly lit room, the beautiful king sized bed, with a fluffy comforter. I want to put you in the corner, maybe in some panties. What better place for the small dicked cuckold than in the corner in panties? Maybe even my panties after I’ve worn them for a while with other men’s cum plastering them to my pussy. Big black cock cum plastered to my pussy.

I’d gag you with those panties in your corner. You’d sit there tied up doing nothing but sucking on those cum plastered panties, and watching. I’d look straight in your eyes while those big fat black mammoth dicks penetrated my pussy and my ass. You’d know I was getting so much more satisfaction from them than you. Your dick doesn’t measure up and you know it.

I know one of your biggest secrets too you’d love to suck that huge thick black cock. You’re so amazingly enchanted with it. That’s why you don’t mind being gagged with my cum soaked panties. My panties are soaked in pussy juices too. You need to know your place fluffer boy. Maybe if you’re really good you can have a front row seat and eat my juices hot off his cock. I have you pegged don’t I? *snickers* Hell maybe I’ll even have the big black cocks fuck you, and of course I cannot forget my favorite thing a huge strap on fucking you. Maybe one of them can fuck me from behind while I fuck your pretty little man pussy. 1-800-938-3482 Request Mistress Erotica $2.00 per minute 18+ You can also  buy my cum saturated panties at this number.

Why I Love Fem Domme Phone Sex

There’s something to be said for being in charge. I love being a Fem Domme. I think it’s such a great and wonderful thing. There’s no exchange of fluids, you can talk about anything you’d like to explore. Some people are afraid of what others will think of their deep dark fantasies. Others are afraid of acting them out. In the world of phone sex, there’s nothing to fear. There’s two willing, and mutual partners. Anything goes, from the highly erotic to things more taboo and dark.

Many of the men I speak with are worried that they aren’t normal for desiring a woman on top. Many of them are concerned about finding such a relationship, or how to bring up their desires with a girlfriends or wife.  In Phone sex your op can help you through these things, and she may even be able to listen and help you figure out how to tell your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, lover or whomever you share your intimacy with about what you want.

Sex, as I always tell people whom I speak with is different for everyone. While I myself am into being a Dominant, and doing Domination calls there are several ops who will do calls that are more general. I will indulge most fetishes, but for me I really need some kind of power exchange in the fantasy, even if light. I love my work and take phone calls I love, because I know the more I love it the more my callers will love the call.

I wish to also clarify that I don’t just take calls from men. I also take calls from women, and any other gender in between. I love sex, and sex is wonderful with human beings. I take calls from any gender interested in a call, as long as I am the Dominant one.

1-800-938-3482 Request Mistress Erotica $2.00 per minute 18+ VISA/AMEX/MC

Face Sitting, Farting, Smothering Fetishes, Adult Babies and Panties

Today I had the distinct pleasure of two very hot calls. They came to me through some of the adult chat rooms I frequent, and The Phone Sex Space.
A lot of men worry that they might be the only ones with their particular fetish. The wonderful thing about fetishes is that we are never the only ones with them. There is always someone that shares what we are interested in. For instance this morning yielded two very hot calls, that really stood out in my mind. The first one was a sweet little adult baby girl.
I had a lot of fun on this call. I got to dress my pretty little sissy baby girl up in bras, panties, camisoles, and of course a pretty little pink fluffy dress with ruffled anklets, and Mary Janes. There always is pretty pink makeup involved in these scenarios, as well as hair extensions. Hair extensions are far superior to wigs for sissies since you can pull them. I adore pulling hair. I got to fuck my little sissy girl with a big strap on. I love strap on sex, and breaking in sissy pussies. there’s nothing more amazingly wonderful than that. She squirmed we toyed with the idea of a special device for my little baby to keep her cute little clitty from cumming.
Then there was my awesome farting fetish calls. I love these calls, I get the excuse to pass gas. It’s never appropriate or considered thus for a lady to pass gas, but it’s so erotic when someone loves it. One of the best things about this call was that my partner also loved face sitting with smelly stinky ass worship. He liked one or two day old stinky ass worship. I love to do that sit on a guys face, and make him smell me. I love it when they smell me. I especially loved farting on his face. There’s something so kinky about knowing that a guy is sniffing your farts.
I know that this is a common fetish because I have many requests for panties. You can also purchase my used smelly panties and do whatever crosses your naughty little brain with them I love knowing you have my panties.
You can purchase a session with me by calling 1-800-938-3482 Request Mistress Erotica $2.00 per minute 18+ VISA/AMEX/MC Panties can be purchased at this number too request to buy my panties. They’re $25.00 a piece, and nice and used.

The Phone Sex Space Run By The Beautiful Johanna Bowie

What if I told you that there was a place it was okay to be somewhat adult, but still get to know your Phone Sex Operator. There is. Many of the social networking sites have taken to not allowing adult content. An innovative PSO has decided to change this Johnna is now running a site called The Phone Sex Space. The site is the My Space of Phone Sex.

If you are looking for operators, and to get some quality information ie a good profile and biography for an operator, then this is the place to start. If you are an operator looking for client outreach this is also a great place to start. I had some snafus signing up and in, but Joahnna was very patient and helpful. She walked me through everything and approved me when I let her know there were issues.

If you are in the market for phone companionship Johanna’s site is definitely a place you want to check out. If you are in the mood for something, there’s an op on her sight to meet your needs. If you’re say in the mood for domination there’s me and a host of other amazing ladies there. If you want someone who is submissive, plenty of them as well. Something there will make you go gonzo. I am thrilled at being the member of such a cool place.

This is a place for both Phone sex ops and customers, everyone is welcome here. You can vet your customers and your ops on this site. Customers remember to ask lots of questions and find the best op for you, this is very important. Calls should go well on both ends. I will refer people out if I know a call won’t work between us. I want everyone to enjoy phone sex and keep coming back. The phone sex space is a great place to start. If you’d like to d a call with me you may message me on my private messenger, which will be linked at the bottom of this post. If you are interested in seeing what’s out there in the big wide world of phone sex please check out and better yet, join The Phone Sex Space!

1-800-938-3482 Request Mistress Erotica $2.00 per minute 18+ VISA/AMEX/MC.

Strap on Fem Domme

Remember the first time you stuck your cock in a woman? I bet you do. I remember one of the things my boyfriend told me, oh please baby just let me stick it in. That’s always how it starts. Well I remember that and I remember thinking, he has to have a place for me to just slip it in.

As he started putting his cock in me, I fantasized about somehow managing to trade. I wanted that dick. I wanted to be the one coaxing and saying oh come on baby just let me stick it in. This was my youth when things weren’t quite there for me. I was still fumbling around having control fantasies of how I wanted to take the boys over. Years later I discovered the strap on. I thought about what a strap on did for me as a woman, and suddenly I had a whole new appreciation of sex with boys, and girls for that matter.

As soon as I turned 18 I bought one online from Babeland, formerly known as Toys in Babeland. As soon as I was holding it in my hands, I knew how empowered I was. I had my very own dick. A tingle started deep in my belly and every nerve I had jumped into euphoria at once. I could FUCK boys now. I had a dick, plasticky rubbery dick, but it was hard. I just put the lovely harness around my waist, and strapped in my new found toy. I fantasized everyday about using it.

My mind would wander in school, and I’d find myself thinking about the strap on, and how I’d use it. Dreamily I would imagine kidnapping a man. Find a man who looked by himself at a bar. I would walk over to him give him. He sees me there a slinky gold dress showing my beautiful body and pale skin.

As I walk near him I see it. There’s the look. She’s coming toward me, she wants to talk to me. Of course I want to talk to him. But even more so I want to fuck him. I want to get us in a booth together in the back of the restaurant and I want to fuck this bitch boy with my strap on. I imagine what his man pussy would look lie filled to the top with my huge member.

I’m aching like hell for him to be mine. I sit down next to him, and I see the look of shock on his face. He’s about 35 years old chestnut brown hair, hazel eyes, and slight, but healthy build. He wasn’t expecting my radiant beauty to sit next to him in the dark dingy bar.

I smile, it’s disarming for a sadist like myself to smile in such ways. He softens, and I know he’s thinking about what a sweet woman I must be. I can hear his thoughts almost, that  I must have taken pity on him. Pity, mercy, those are things I don’t feel and don’t know how to feel.

I love this rush. I am the predator, stalking my prey. I’m not dangerous right now, a chameleon asking him the small talk questions. Where is he from, what does he do. In the back of my head I know I have the chloroform easily available. Any time is a good time. He wouldn’t see it coming and then my slave boys would haul him out to the van. then I could have my way with him.

He talks to me trying to make more small talk, I know he thinks he has a chance, but really I’m the one calling the shots. I reach between my breasts and remove the bag with the chloroform soaked handkerchief. I inch toward my prey. Not a bad looking man. Ever slowly, and ever closer. I know he thinks I’m trying to kiss him. Suddenly I bring my hand to his face lightning fast. He fights me just a little bit. Then goes down. His who body is shaking.

The bartender checks to make sure he’s okay, I tell him he’s just had a little too much, and my boys come to haul him away. I have him now. He’s truly mine. We drive away with my prize in the white van.

Half way through the ride he starts to stir, moaning a little.

“You’ll be very quiet and do exactly as you’re told.”

My voice is stern, My brown eyes are cold as steel.

“What are you doing to me?”

His voice is weak. Ah the subject is submissive, and not only that he’s afraid. I bask in his fear a bit longer. I can hear him trembling. Six big men are watching him in the back. No chance of escape. If he’s as delectable to play with as I believe he will be, I’ll keep him. I’ll keep him in my harem, and make him mine.

I drive until we reach my home. I love my home, because the neighbors are just far enough they can’t hear. The house is a looming old gothic architecture home. I watch my prey becoming more and more nervous. He shakes. I laugh diabolically. I know that he’s confused, doesn’t know why he’s been chosen.


His voice is quivering, as he’s on his knees in front of me. I put my foot into his back, forcing him onto hands and knees. I push him to the ground his face is in the dirt. I know he’s crying a little bit.

“Please. What are you doing to me? Please let me go.”

I love the sobbing, and the whimpering. He probably will make a fabulous slave.

“crawl bitch.”

My voice is harsh, nothing in it to hint I care. He cries more, pleading for some mercy. Sharply I kick him in the ass. The bitch stopped crawling, and I’m about to rape his virgin ass. I love the strap on. I know he does too. We’ve been planning this over the internet and phone for months. And here he is loser boy crying in the dirt in front of me. All the while the convoy of male slaves follows me. They make sure he doesn’t rise or try to run away.

“Please Mistress. Please.”

Pathetic whimpers and he’s begging.

“You asked for this slave. This is what you wanted. I told you I had no mercy.”

Cold voices always work on them. He’s shuddering. I make him crawl into the house on his hands and knees.

“Move slut.”

I force him into the dilapidated living room.  There’s a dirty old mattress in the middle of the floor.  It’s covered in years of filth. I know how humiliating this is for him. I direct my males slaves.

“Strip him.”

The order is cold and heartless.

“No please Mistress. Can’t you take my clothing off?”

Pathetic begging. I leave him on the mattress. I deliver a swift kick to his leg. I like making the males slaves strip a male. It’s the ultimate in humiliation. He cringes at the kick. He’s crying, begging shaking. Maybe he’ll piss himself even more bonus. I love it when they are so out of control they can’t control their bladders.

I watch with glee as he cries. The men are taking his clothing off, manhandling him. Nothing he can say or do is going to change his predicament. Once he’s stripped and been thrown face down on the mattress I take my skirt off. The harnessed dildo protrudes from between my legs.

I yank him up by the hair, and slap his face with my cock. He cries some more begging for it all to stop. I slap his face harder with the dick. More tears, and whimpering. The men have all disappeared, and are hidden watching, making sure he stays in his place.

I shove the huge dildo into his mouth. It goes all the way down his throat. He gags. I can hear him choking the muffled noises, he sounds like he’s trying to wretch. I own his mouth now, I keep fucking his face. I love fucking his face, I love see the tears. I truly enjoy the strap on piercing his lips.

“You little cock sucker. You’re finally doing something right for once in your life you little whore.”

More crying, and more of my laughter fills the room. I love his look of shock. He hasn’t yet said his safe word, so I continue.

“Now you little whore. We both know why you’re actually here. You’re here to be used like the little cock slut you are.”

My voice is like an icy razor. He knows what this means even as I throw his head back to the ground. I pounce on top of him, only using his saliva as lube, and I shove my strap on in him deeply, and violently. He screams, twitches, fights a little, then relaxes. Suddenly he is completely zen, there is no more of his ego left. He relaxes I pump him over and over, fucking him, just sticking it in so to speak. His cock rubs and presses against the filthy mattress until he adds another stain.

I hold him stroking him and petting him. I whisper reassurances, and he falls asleep in my arms completely exhausted.

1-800-938-3482 Request Mistress Erotica $2.00 per minute 18+ VISA/AMEX/MC.